Cosmopolitan Care with Mi Amor Jewellers

February 26th, 2016


Photography by:

Nadia B. Albright and Julia Rusu, Stylist—Studio One


From its conception, Mi Amor Jewellers has encompassed the cosmopolitan nature of the Caribbean. The region’s people and culture are a blend of African, European, American, and Asian influence, resulting in a beautiful, eclectic creation.

Mi Amor seeks to emulate this fusion, merging fashion and luxury from across the world. In creating a store that styles collections together, their patronage experience a shift in perspective on the aesthetics of jewellery.


Managing Director Eileen Bourke said, “We are sensitive to the pulse of the environment that we live in. Mi Amor strives to bring a unique shopping experience to the British Virgin Islands by offering international luxury and everyday fashions, which are not available elsewhere in the Territory. We explore all the latest trends and seek out one-of-a-kind pieces with something special for every customer.”



‘International luxury’ is the description that accurately fits the products showcased in this store; Zambian emeralds with emerald cut VS1 diamond side stones, mounted in platinum by JB Star, are exquisite; rubies and sapphire stones mined in Sri Lanka and Thailand add a colourful, exotic, Asian flair; and Mi Amor’s Highline diamonds are GIA certified Belgian cut, inspiring the store’s in-house design the Caribbean Star Diamond.



The Caribbean Star Diamond bridal collection is especially conspicuous – the 18kt gold designs are the perfect setting for their radiant cut centre-stone diamonds, incorporating art-deco designs within the stone where a star is formed as the facets meets. “Often, a woman in love emits joy and a bride on her wedding day glows just like the star,” said Eileen. “This collection aspires to capture that profound emotion so couples are reminded of their love for a lifetime.”



Maintaining the latest trends is Mi Amor’s specialty and gold jewellery is making a return in high-end luxury fashion. The jewellers offer exclusive collections from a multitude of brands – Fope exhibit their signature stretchable bracelets made from lush Italian 18kt gold, forming a sensuous feeling when the jewellery touches the skin. Also, their woven 14kt gold collection designed in Los Angeles and made in Italy, adds Hollywood glamour to daily wearable jewellery.

There is a mastery of workmanship that has propelled certain brands to the forefront, transforming them into universally acclaimed luxury brands. Rolex and Cartier are true personifications of indulgence, encapsulating all the qualities expected from global luxury, leading in dependability, durability, style, and resale value.


Mi Amor is honoured to be the first to introduce the ‘pre-owned watches’ concept to the BVI. Their certified, pre-owned Rolexes and Cartiers are sourced from recognised dealers, who ensure their authenticity can compete among the best. First-time buyers or collectors are permitted the opportunity to buy a timeless piece at an automatic 20-40% discount, guaranteeing the same appearance, technical function, and of course, bragging rights. These watches come with a two-year warranty and are sent to certified dealers if there is ever a need for repairs.

Mi Amor will continue to share beautiful, affordable new additions to the fashion line for daily wear, also catering to visitors and residents with their ever popular silver BVI bangles, Seachelle Designs pendants in hues of turquoise and blue, and edgy brands like their New York fashion designer Freida Rothman range with stackable 14 kt gold plated sliver necklaces and rings adorned with hand cut CZ stones.

The cosmopolitan elements of the BVI never looked so stunning than as represented at Mi Amor.





Mi Amor Jewelers was honored to be BVI Business of the Month in August 2015.

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